April 2014
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What are your current plans for your estate?
Jonathan Pond, renowned financial advisor and estate planner says that 90% of estates are spent in this order:
1. nursing home 2. IRS 3. children 4. grandchildren 5. charity. Remember, you have to buy your LTC insurance before your health changes.

Tax Time Tips
9 retirement savings tax tips -- Link
5 tax tips for those moving into retirement years -- Link

10 retirement plan tax facts you need to know -- Link
The 10 worst states for taxes in 2014 -- Link

States with no income tax -- Link
Alzheimer's may be a top 3 killer
Alzheimer's may be six times more deadly to U.S. residents than the most commonly quoted statistics suggest. Link

6 Heart-Healthy Foods to Lower Your Cholesterol
There are a few scientifically proven foods that will help to lower LDL levels also known as bad cholesterol. Link

How should couple with age gap tap Social Security benefits?
If you apply at 62, however, you're typically locked into a check that would be about 30% smaller than what you'd get if you waited until your "full retirement age" to start. Link
Confused About Fish Oil?
You've likely seen the amber capsules of fish oil sitting in jars on a prominent shelf in your local health food store. Link

How divorce, remarriage impact Social Security
If you're considering or in the process of divorce, and you're just shy of your 10th wedding anniversary, you might want to wait a bit. Link

2014's Most Affordable Cities For Living On A Budget
The metros with the lowest rent AND lowest cost of living. Link

17 fabulous freebies for 2014
There's only one thing better than getting a good price on something, and that's getting it for free. Link

5 Tips to Prevent Retirement From Scaring You
Once your full-time income disappears or lessens, it can be really scary if you haven't saved enough to live comfortably. Link

Blood test can predict Alzheimer's
Testing levels of 10 fats in the blood could predict - with 90% accuracy - the risk of the disease coming on in the next three years. Link

AdviceIQ: How long to keep your tax documents
You likely live in fear of a tax audit. Here's how to protect yourself. Link

These Spices Make You Slimmer, Smarter, Happier
Raid your spice rack and start using these. Science finds mixing them into meals adds a health boost. Link

Estate Planning Mistakes
Wall Street Journal video on estate planning tips and how to avoid common mistakes. Link

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