Long Term Care Insurance Premium Sample

Premiums vary by applicants age, benefits chosen, health and insurance company.

Often the first thing people want to know about long term care insurance is "how much does it cost?" So for those who are in the "kicking the tires" stage of buying long term care insurance we put together the information on this page.

Your premium will be determined by your age when you take out the policy, your health, state of residence, and the benefits you choose. The premium will be the same from us or another agent, agency or directly from the insurance company, we all use the same rates to calculate the premium.

Of course we tend to think we're better because: we have years of experience, we have toll free customer service, we offer multiple products, we agressively challenge declines, and since we represent all the major companies we really work for our clients and not the insurance company.

Long term care insurance has a higher learning curve than health and life insurance, it is more like retirement planning or financial planning.

The sample below is based on an average plan. You can choose entirely different benefits than the sample shown.

A feature important to one person may not be important to another. Do you want a deductible or a co-pay, if so how much? Do you want to pay every year or by quarter and do you want to pay over your lifetime or for a fixed pay period like 10 years to have a paid up policy? Is international coverage important?

To get an idea of what it would cost you, look at your age in the chart below, The chart shows the rate for a single person. If you are married, have a partner, or are sharing expenses with someone, then see Discounts.

Some companies or agents will low-ball the premium leaving off important factors that will effect you when you put in a claim. We will help you to design a plan so that when you put in a claim whether it be in 1 year or 20 years from now, there will be no surprises.

With our quoting software we ran a simlilar plan with similar benefits from the top companies to come up with an average premium.

The premiums shown are based on a basic policy with average benefits. You pick your plan benefits based on affordability and potential care needs.

If your plan is affordable we highly recommend you purchase insurance now for these reasons.
1. If you wait you will be older than your current age and the premium will be higher.
2. Your health may change and either you will be a higher cost health rate or you will be uninsurable.

Single Rate
Day/Month Benefit Pay Out: $150 a day
Benefit Period: 1095 day (3-year)
Elimination/Waiting Period: 90-day
Health Rate: Standard
Inflation Protection: type indicated (C, S, X)
No discounts.

** These are sample rates, they may be different for your age or your state of residence. Rates may change without notice.

Monthly Premium
40 - C
45 - C
50 - C
55 - C
60 - C
60 - S
65 - C
65 - S
70 - S
70 - X
75 - S
75 - X
Annual Premium
40 - C
45 - C
50 - C
55 - C
60 - C
60 - S
65 - C
65 - S
70 - S
70 - X
75 - S
75 - X

Age - C = Compound Inflation Protection
Age - S = Simple Inflation Protection
Age - X = No Inflation Protection

Inflation protection increases the daily benefit annually.
Example: Daily benefit starting at $150/day with a 3-year (1095 day) plan.
Does not require an increase in premium.
Compound Inflation Protection
Simple Inflation Protection
Years Daily Benefit Benefit Account Years Daily Benefit Benefit Account
1 $150 $164,250 1 $150 $164,250
7 $211 $231,045 7 $202 $221,190
10 $244 $267,180 10 $225 $246,375
15 $311 $340,545 15 $262 $286,890
Residential 15% - if one applies or approved in multi-life household
Couples 20%-30% - if two apply and are approved multi-life household

Class 1, 2, Standard, Preferred. Preferred health discount depends on state of residence, company.
Preferred health discount 10% - decided during underwriting.

Other Options
For couples Survivorship Benefit add x0.09
For Home Care Elimination Period Waiver add x0.15
Shared benefits rider

Payment frequency charge: annual-none, semi-annual .51, quarterly .26, monthly .09

You can see it's cheaper to buy when younger. The risk of waiting is not only the higher premiums when you're older, you may not health qualify.

If you want a detailed quote for your specific age, showing plan options including couple discount, survivorship, etc., use our quote form and a quote will be emailed to you. This will provide you with enough information to determine if this insurance is both affordable and appropriate.

The BEST investment is one that you do not have to think about. Long term care insurance will provide you with income and asset protection ... and peace of mind.

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